Launched in 2016 to cultivate a community for creative, crafty, and inquisitive minds, Glasses and Flannel features a growing collection of unique artisan creations made by hand.

Hey there, I'm Angie! I'm a local artisan in the San Francisco Bay Area and love channeling my imagination and creativity into unique handcrafted items. I started first learned how to sew in my first home ec class in middle school and really enjoyed it. However, my story is unlike most. I really didn't touch a sewing machine again for about 12 years. After majoring in Industrial Engineering, I found myself wanting to channel my mathematical and process-minded brain into something creative. I inherited an old Janome from my grandma and I just went to town. I re-learned how to sew via FaceTiming with my mom and by watching classes on Craftsy. I also picked up quilting, knitting, crocheting, and painting. By the time 2016 came around, I was ready to start pushing myself to start making "handmade" part of my everyday life. In 2017, I started teaching sewing classes to adults and kids, both out of my home studio and at Fabricate, a beautiful and modern fabric boutique in Boulder, CO.

Fabricate in Boulder, CO

If you love handmade goods or are interested in reading and learning about quilting, sewing, and other general crafts, hopefully you will feel right at home here. At the end of the day, life is all about doing what makes you happy, and I am thrilled to share lessons learned, tutorials, and other interesting information with you all. And please remember, imperfections are unique and beautiful!

Hope you enjoy!